NVIDIA’s Global AI Chip Market Share Reaches a Whopping 90%, Analysts Says Competitors Years From Catching Up

NVIDIA has been declared the “undisputed leader” of AI, as the company’s global AI chip market share is estimated to have reached up to 90%, setting a new record.

NVIDIA’s AI Hardware Coupled With Their Dominate CUDA Platform Has Been The Ingredients For Success

There is no surprise when it comes to the exceptional performance NVIDIA has shown in the AI segment, especially in terms of how the firm has managed to “bash” every other competitor, through its top-notch AI products, along with a well-established CUDA platform. Team Green has managed to capitalize the most on the AI frenzy, which is why the firm was able to enter the trillion-dollar club, along with setting new records when it comes to financial figures, especially in the data center segment.

It seems like NVIDIA is here to hold the throne for a while now, as well-known analysts from the research firms Gartner and Moor Insights & Strategy have predicted the firm to stay strong going into 2024. Team Green has reportedly managed to captivate most of the AI markets into its hands since the firm has acquired a market share of more than 70% globally. The company’s H100 AI GPUs, along with several other offerings have been a huge hit in the markets, and they still are the top priority for firms involved in the business, with the likes of Meta and others reportedly acquiring huge sums of GPUs.

Software continues to be Nvidia’s strategic moat. These … turnkey experiences enable Nvidia to be at the forefront of mindshare, as well as adoption.

Gartner VP analyst Chirag Dekate

What Nvidia does is they help create markets and that puts competitors in a very tough situation out there, because by the time they’ve caught up, Nvidia is on to the next new thing.

Moor Insights & Strategy CEO Patrick Moorhead

It is important to note that the market share figures disclosed here are more of an estimate, and while they might be seen as a ballpark, NVIDIA’s on-ground situation is no different, since the AI markets have favored Team Green for a long time now. The firm is reportedly planning to sell around 1.5 million to 2 million AI GPUs this year, which is a three times increment to what we saw in 2023, which proves that NVIDIA’s dominance in the industry is unchallenged at this point. However, there is a common notion that the success of the firm lies in the compute power they provide through their hardware resources, but this isn’t the complete picture.

Image Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA is dominating the AI segment not because it has high computing power on its back, but because its CUDA platform has been framed in a way to leverage the performance of the company’s AI accelerators. A prime example of this is how just recently, Team Green made a comparison with AMD’s recently unveiled MI300X, claiming to have a much superior performance just because of its software stack around the CUDA ecosystem.

Despite setbacks, including the ones from the US Government and Chinese clients, NVIDIA is seemingly well-prepared to yet again disclose exceptional results moving into 2024, and with the debut of the company’s next-gen Hopper H200 and Blackwell B100 AI GPUs, the situation could indeed evolve rapidly, in favour of NVIDIA.

News Source: Finance Yahoo

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