Patriot’s Viper PV573 Gen5 SSDs Reach Up To 14 GB/s Speeds, Low-Profile Blower Cooler Delivers Below 45C Temps

Patriot has new and faster Gen5 SSDs on the way with their PV573 boosting transfer speeds up to 14 GB/s using the same low-profile cooling solution.

Patriot’s Low-Profile Gen5 SSD Cooling Solution Is The Perfect Companion For The Upcoming PV573 Drives

While the majority of Gen5 SSD makers are going big with their next-gen cooling designs, Patriot has given a low-profile touch to its solutions which still carry phenomenal speeds with top-notch cooling capabilities. The company already showcased its Viper PV553 drive at Computex 2023 and now plans to release an even faster variant known as the PV573.

The Patriot Viper PV573 features the same M.2 PCIe Gen5 x4 form factor and comes in 1 TB, 2 TB, & up to 4 TB flavors. It is based on the Phison E26 controller and makes use of Microns 232-layer NAND (B58R). Both combined deliver speeds of up to 14 GB/s (Read) and 12 GB/s (Write). This is also helped by the use of faster DRAM which now pushes things to 2400 MT/s speeds.

In terms of design, Patriot is leveraging its same low-profile blower cooler which incorporates a single blower fan that pushes high air pressure through the aluminum heatsink and blows it out of the shroud. The shroud is a metallic cover that encompasses the front and back of the Viper PV573 Gen5 SSDs.

This fan design has been rated for 25,000 hours of operation and can deliver cooling below 45C which is fantastic. We had a close-up with the drive and the noise that this fan produces is very minimal and can only be heard if you are right next to your chassis. Power to the fan is provided by a 4-pin disk power male + SATA power male dual connector. This connector can make things a bit congested within your PC and we hope a more minimal design is made in the future.

In addition to the Gen5 SSDs, Patriot also showcased prototypes of its upcoming USB 4.0 Portable SSD solution which comes in 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB flavors. The SSD is based on the Realtek 5772DL controller and features the ASM2464 bridge with Western Digital BiCS5 flash. It produces speeds of up to 3730 MB/s Reads and 3780 MB/s Writes. Both products are expected to enter the market in 2024.

Patriot USB 4.0 Portable SSD Prototype:

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