Phison To Expand Gen5 Portfolio With New High-End E26 Max14um & Mainstream E31T SSD Controllers: Up To 14.7 GB/s

Phison is all set to expand its Gen5 SSD controllers with an updated E26 and mainstream E31T design rolling out at CES 2024.

Phison Is Speeding Up Gen5 SSDs With New High-End Controllers & Also Bringing Mainstream Devices To The Market

Phison is a leading firm when it comes to providing cutting-edge storage and data solutions to the industry, & the company’s product unveiling for CES 2024 might make things much more exciting.

Starting with the SSD, the company’s PS5026-E26 Max14um is expected to be the fastest “client solid-state” up to date, reaching up to 14.7 GB/s of read speeds.

While the Gen5 SSD controller was first teased in August, Phison has waited until CES 2024 for its official unveiling, and with the specs that the Max14um SSDs boasts, it will surely be a highlight in the storage industry. Currently, Gen5 E26 controllers from Phison power the bulk of the high-end solutions, delivering up to 12.8 GB/s & with more potential to be unlocked very soon.

Image Source: Phison

Moving on to the move technical details, Phison’s PS5026-E26 Gen5 SSD controller with a PCIe 5.0 x4 interface. Moreover, the SSD’s performance is bolstered through the inclusion of Micron’s B58R 3D TLC NAND device, which has a 2,400 MT/s interface.

The above components and firmware adjustments empower the SSD to deliver up to 14.7 GB/s sequential reads and up to 12 GB/s sequential writes, setting an industry benchmark. Moreover, the SSD is expected to offer 1.5 million random read IOPS and 1.6 million random write IOPS, which is quite impressive.

Interestingly, Phison shows the maximum rate of 14.7 GB/s to be achieved on the AMD X670 (AM5) platform whereas the Intel Z790 platform peaks out at 14.2 GB/s AMD & Phison have been partners in delivering the Gen5 SSD ecosystem to the market and the AM5 platform is specifically optimized for the newer SSDs as showcased here.

It also looks like Phison is ramping up its high-performance SSDs to tackle the recent announcements by Silicon Motion who are also aiming to bring 14.5 GB/s Gen5 SSD controllers to the market next year along with a mainstream solution.

  • Phison High-End Gen5 SSD Controller: PS5026-E26 (Max14um)
  • Phison Mainstream Gen5 SSD Controller: PS5031-E31T
  • SiliconMotion High-End Gen5 SSD Controller: SM2508XT
  • SiliconMotion Mainstream Gen5 SSD Controller: SM2504XT

To manage all the impressive speeds and power, Phison also recently showcased a dedicated cooling system, the AirJet Mini from Frore System that uses a sort of innovative way to cool down your components. We aren’t sure whether we could see the debut of the cooling system alongside the SSD, but Phison’s PS5026-E26 Max14um will require a decent cooling solution.

Apart from the blazing-fast SSD, Phison also plans on unveiling the PS2251-21 (U21), which is the “world’s first USB4 single-chip solution”, aimed at compact devices. The “mini” USB4 drives can offer up to 4 GB/s performance and could be best suited for products that are held back due to their form factor. It will be interesting to see how the new USB4 drive by Phison will be seen in the industry, since it could be a game-changer for small form-factor devices, since now they could potentially utilize current-gen transfer standards.


Other notable mentions of Phison’s plans for CES 2024 include the likes of the PS5031-E31T, which is a low-power Gen5 SSD controller, targeted for DRAM-less SSDs, and will feature up to 10.8GB/s performance and 8 TB maximum capacity.

The company also plans on unveiling the PS5027-E27T, a low-power, high-performance PCIe Gen4 SSD in a 2230 form factor specifically designed for the gaming handheld market. Interesting times are ahead of Phison and the storage industry since the competition will surely heat up.

News Source: Phison

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