Redditor Takes Passive Cooling To a New Level, Mounting Ten Tower Heatsinks Onto NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080 GPU

Disturbed by the noises produced by your graphics card? Fear not, since a Redditor has found an “interesting” cooling solution, and it would only require slapping ten different radiators on a single GPU.

Want to Achieve Zero Noise Levels In Your GPU? Mounting Tens of Cooling Heatsinks And You Are Done

The tale of GPU modding has been a long one, and often “reignited” in the industry through new instances, such as the one we just saw recently, where individuals converted a mobile GPU into a desktop form factor. Highlighting such experiments is both interesting and surprising at the same time since I often feel where the idea originated from. The idea of passive cooling in a GPU hasn’t been thought about much, however, a Reddit user going by the name of “Everynametaken9” decided to exceed the limits, by mounting huge loads of metal with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3080.

Help with passive cooling project 3080 FE
byu/Everynametaken9 innvidia

The individual was inspired by the dynamics of “passive cooling”, which led to him performing somewhat of a unique experiment, where he attached around 10 different cooling heatsinks with the GPU, to attain thermal dissipation with “zero-noise” level, and of course, satisfy his hunger as well. You might question how this was done since it is practically impossible to achieve this level of passive cooling with the default design, hence the user implemented some DIY modifications, which included a gigantic-sized copper heatsink with dimensions 2″ x 3″ x 12″, and all the CPU coolers were strapped onto it.

Image Source: u/Everynametaken9

While the design is appealing, at least in the realm of experimenting, it isn’t a practical one, since as stated by the Redditor himself, there are points of separation from the copper heatsink and the mounted coolers, which would make thermal dissipation much more ineffective. Moreover, another problem here is that mounting this GPU onto a motherboard is impossible right now since it would snap the motherboard into two pieces due to the extreme weight of the mechanism. Thinking about the extent of GPU sag if we manage to mount this unit is something we wouldn’t want to go into.

Such types of experiments have been done in the past, with one notable instance being when a user passively cooled his AMD CPU with one-kilogram copper bars modded into the case. The user could potentially find a solution to this, but judging by what we have seen, it certainly isn’t possible, at least with this design. Full marks for the effort though, since this design might come into play with the launch of NVIDIA’s RTX 5090 (pun intended).

News Source: FanlessTech

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