REDMAGIC Unveils First 4K Mini LED Gaming Monitor With 5088 Light Zones & 49″ QD-OLED Ultra-Wide Display

REDMAGIC has unveiled two brand new additions to its gaming monitor lineup which include the world’s first 4K Mini LED featuring 5088 Light Zones & a 49″ QD-OLED Ultra-wide design.

REDMAGIC’s Latest Gaming Monitors Aim The eSports Segment: Offers 4K Mini-LED With 5088 Light Zones & 49″ QD-OLED Ultra-Wide Screens

Acting as the gaming side-arm of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Nubia, REDMAGIC has now introduced its brand new display, setting a new industry benchmark when it comes to the adoption of the mini-LED technology. One of these two gaming monitors has already been teased before but today’s version is a brand new one releasing in the coming weeks..

Image Source: REDMAGIC

Moving on to the technical details, REDMAGIC has posted some information on its Weibo account, revealing the specifics. The gaming monitor is equipped with several mini-LED partitions for the backlighting mechanism, allowing consumers to see optimal display output. The monitor boasts a 27-inch panel with a 160Hz resolution and a 4K resolution, which puts it in a sweet spot when it comes to gaming. Moreover, the monitor also comes with a 2200 nits peak brightness, along with support for 99% Adobe DCI-P3 color gamut, and also offers HDR1400 compliance, ensuring that the consumer gets the best quality experience.

REDMAGIC has adopted a “futuristic” design with the upcoming monitor, as the images revealed show that it comes three-narrow-edge design, providing a sleek and minimal overall look.

The Redmagic Mini LED gaming monitor also features a triangular-shaped RGB lightning at the back, which enhances the general aesthetics, & really compliments the design language of the monitor. For the included stand, you will get plenty of swivel and height adjustment, however, the size of the stand does require large space to be reserved. In addition, the monitor is equipped with USB-C, dual USB-A, dual HDMI, and a DP interface.

As mentioned above, REDMAGIC also once again showed off its 49″ QD-OLED gaming display which features a 49″ panel with a 32:9 Ultra-Wide curved designs, a 240Hz refresh rate with a 0.03ms fast response time, and the same futuristic aesthetics as its Mini LED sibling. Once again, we had earlier reported that a similar variant of this monitor was designed to offer a Samsung QD-OLED panel at a cheaper price point than Samsung’s Odyssey offerings. This upcoming variant should be using a domestically produced panel as per reports.

There are ARGB LEDs on the back of the monitor and it also comes with two 5W built-in speakers and mic support. For inputs, you are looking at HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, & even 90W USB Type-C charging. In terms of the price, it is said that the display would cost lower than Samsung’s own offering which costs close to $2000 US.

Image Source: REDMAGIC

REDMAGIC is expected to formally debut its upcoming mini-LED and the rest of the gaming monitor lineup at a conference soon which is expected to be held on the 23rd of November where we will see in detail what these gaming monitors offer and what prices they come at. The adoption of mini-LED as the backlighting technology hasn’t been that widespread, especially since the standard is in its “naive” stages, however, REDMAGIC’s entrance will surely boost the overall process.

News Source: ITHome

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