REDRAGON FIDD 8K Wired Rapid Trigger Magnetic Switch Keyboard Review

REDRAGON has built a name for itself in the gaming industry in recent years. The company which started as a budget-tier brand for peripherals is now entering almost all segments of the market including PC chairs, PC cases, PC power supplies, PC coolers, & even PC monitors. While the company continues to expand its portfolio, we wanted to take a look at its latest and brand-new additions within the keyboard segment.

For this purpose, Microcenter sent us the latest REDRAGON FIDD gaming keyboard which is aimed at the budget segment and comes with rapid-trigger magnetic switches that are programmable and offer a level of customization as per your requirements. So with that said, let’s start with the quick specifications.

REDRAGON FIDD – Rapid Trigger Magnetic Switch RGB Keyboard 61 Keys

The REDRAGON FIDD is a 60% keyboard that has a total of 61 standard keys. The keyboard is listed for $54.99 US ($89.99 US official price). The top of the keyboard is built from a metal construction & houses the USB Type-C connector on the left side. The metal top is coated in white. Some of the main features include:

  • Helps you attain greater speed and high precision to ensure maximum gaming efficiency
  • The USB Type A interface allows easy connectivity with your notebook/tablet
  • Mechanical key switch technology offers comfortable, convenient typing efficiency with durability, cost-effectiveness, and better Gaming Keyboard lifespan guaranteed
  • Programmable Keys keyboard/keypad feature for better reliance and usability
  • Gaming Keyboard with notebook/tablet device support for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • Plug and Play your gaming keyboard with the PC and go


The keyboard measures 11.47×4.11×1.32 inches and weighs 565 grams. The keyboard comes with an RGB-backlit design and as a standard, it comes with Redragon’s Magnetic switches.

REDRAGON FIDD K683WB Unboxing & Close-Up

The REDRAGON FIDD K683WB comes in a standard cardboard package with a picture of the keyboard itself. The description states that this is an 8K Wired Rapid Trigger Magnetic Switch keyboard with an RGB layout.

The backside of the package lists the features and specs of the keyboards. Some of the highlighted features include the customizable and adjustable magnetic switches, a portable 60% layout with a detachable USB-C cable, an 8K report rate, and rapid trigger switches.

The keyboard is nicely packaged within the box with foam handles on the side and a foam sheet to cover it and protect it from dust.


The keyboard comes bundled with a instruction booklet, a USB Type-C cable and a lot of stickers which don’t match the theme of the keyboard itself but can be used on your gaming setup.

Outside of the box, the REDRAGON FIDD comes with a refreshing color theme. It uses a dual-tone teal and white color scheme with the white-colored keycaps using teal alphanumeric labels while the teal keycaps use a white tone for the labels. The keyboard also comes with a white-color metal chassis with teal accents on the sides.

The backside of the REDRAGON FIDD keyboard has riser feet which can be adjusted manually by users. The rubber feet also make sure that the keyboard doesn’t sways away from its position and the whole backside is colored in teal and has the REDRAGON logo etched on the back too.

The overall exterior build quality, both for the keycaps, which utilize a Doubleshot PBT plastic, and the lightweight design are great first impressions for the FIDD so let’s take a look at the interiors.

The height of the keyboard from its base to the top is 1.32 inches and each keycap is angled to get the best experience when using it. For previous mechanical keyboard users, these keys will be easy to adjust to but for laptop users, such keys will require adjustments.

As for the keys themselves, these are magnetic Hall Effect switches with a Rapid Trigger design. You can swap out the switches with other Rapid Trigger designs but you might need to double-check if they work with the PCB of the FIDD.

According to REDRAGON, the FIDD makes use of a spill-resistant PCB and the rapid trigger keys make sure that the responsiveness is on point.

With the backlit keys, you can see the RGB on the keyboard light up. There are several modes that you can select from through the software but the one I like is the reactive ripple effect which is enabled by default on our sample.

This is just about it as far as the keyboard is concerned so now we will talk about our overall thoughts of the FIDD.

Conclusion – Decent 60% Option With Refreshing Colors

The REDRAGON FIDD is an interesting and budget-tier option from the well-known peripheral maker that sticks with the more refreshing color palette than going for the gaming aesthetics that are so overdone in today’s day and age. I like the teal and white colors adopted by the FIDD & it stands out from the rest. Plus the customization option is there so you can switch the key-caps or the switches themselves but you must have to make sure that they are compatible with the PCB and the switches themselves.

The REDRAGON software allows the keys to be mapped and configured as you like but there are certainly a few hassles that I encountered when using it. The UI isn’t the best and the software will sometimes not save your profiles. Furthermore, the calibration process for the rapid trigger keys is a bit wonky and I would like to see REDRAGON resolve these issues in an update immediately. I’d also like REDRAGON to include the option to let users save more than one profile.

What’s great is the 8K polling rate which gives you tension-free gaming experiences knowing that you have a responsive keyboard that has no bottlenecks. While the overall feel of the keyboard is great throughout my days of using it, whether in games or standard typing, the software can be a letdown but it’s something that can be addressed easily. With that said, at $54.99 US, REDRAGON’s FIDD is a nice and cheap option for gamers who want a rapid trigger 60% keyboard worth considering.