Roborock Begins the New Year with a Fleet of Next-Gen Smart Home Cleaning Products

CES helps us all get into the spirit of the new year with a slew of new devices and technologies being introduced every year. The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show was no different. But, since we are infamous for being very loud fans of smart home tech, we got attracted to the next generation of cleaning products introduced by Roborock at the event.

The industry-leading smart home tech maker didn’t just release one or two new products; it introduced six new cleaning solutions based on the latest market research that enabled the company to focus on what exactly the consumer wants in the future of cleaning products. These include the S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, Q Revo MaxV, Q Revo Pro, Flexi Pro, and Flexi Lite.

“The industry is experiencing a major shift where customers are not only searching for products that clean well but are also easy, smart to interact with and can seamlessly integrate into their smart home,” Richard Chang, Founder & CEO of Roborock, said at the event.

“We now offer more connectivity options than ever before which we found are one of the most sought-after features for customers, while our robots now integrate robotic arm mechanics to clean better and are unique to the market.”

The new Roborock Flexi series for simultaneous vacuuming and mopping

For those who like to be in control of the cleaning process and use a handheld product, Roborock’s new Flexi Pro and Flexi Lite bring lightweight and flexible solutions to tackling wet and dry messes in a single sweep with 17,000Pa suction power while delivering exceptional edge-to-edge cleaning performance and in a lay-flat position. One of the key features includes Roborock’s FlatReach™ Technology, which enables the Flexi Series to lay flat and clean under low furniture while having the ability to clean edges and corners with margins of less than 1mm.

The Flexi series also includes DirTect™ Smart Sensor technology that adjusts the cleaning power during cleaning and self-cleaning according to dirt levels detected, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. Also included is Roborock RevoBrush™ 2.0 with its signature Self-Drying & Cleaning System for wet-dry vacuums, now upgraded with warm water cleaning and warm air-drying. The Roborock Flexi Pro is also equipped with SlideTech™ automated adaptive wheels for lighter push-pull motion with headlight, dual edges cleaning, voice alerts, and more.

Roborock has also upgraded its trusted Q Revo and flagship S Max Series, both utilizing Roborock’s proprietary FlexiArm Design™ Side Brush that is powered by a robotic arm to clean hard-to-reach spaces with 100% corner coverage.

The company plans to start selling the new Q Revo and S8 Max models in April 2024, with prices starting from $999.99 and going up to $1799.99 for the highest-end S8 MaxV Ultra. Availability and MSRP for the Flexi series haven’t been announced yet.

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