Samsung Dominates The QD-OLED Panel Market: Adds 25 More Products To The Fleet From 10 Different Brands

Samsung currently dominates the QD-OLED panel market and is aiming to expand it with 25 additional models from 10 different brands.

Samsung To Retain Its Dominance In The QD-OLED Panel Segment With Its Premium Tech, Coming To 25 More Models

Samsung recently announced that it has shipped over 1 million QD-OLED panels for monitors, with up to 4K 360Hz designs oriented for gaming segments. Now reports suggest that Samsung aims to retain its No.1 position in the segment by expanding its QD-OLED panels to 25 additional monitors coming from 10 different brands.

This year, Samsung will be supplying its QD-OLED panels in a range of monitors which include the following:

  • Odyssey 32-inch G8 (G80SD)
  • Odyssey 27-inch G6 (G60SD)
  • Dell 32-inch AW3225QF
  • Philips 34-inch Evnia 34M2C6500
  • MSI MEG 321URX
  • MSI MAG 321UP
  • MSI MAG 271QPX)
  • ASUS 32 type PG32UCDM
  • Gigabyte 34 type MO34WQC

According to ZDNet Korea, Philips has started to expand its QD-OLED lineup aggressively ever since it hopped onboard the bandwagon last year. The current range of Samsung’s QD-OLED offerings currently includes 27″, 31.5″, 34″ and 49″ variants but is aiming to expand the lineup in a big way in 2024. As of Q4 2023, Samsung holds a market share of 79.7% which makes them the biggest OLED panel supplier in the industry. The addition of 25 more models will expand the lineup to 115 since the manufacturer already had 90 products available in the market as of last month.

QD-OLED monitors have become the new go-to standard for the gaming segment due to their richer quality and better response times versus the standard TN, VA, and IPS panels. Due to these features, Samsung anticipates its market position to improve along with the total number of shipments throughout 2024.

Trend Force has previously estimated that around 200,000 QD-OLED monitors shipped within the first quarter of 2024 and the total number of shipments for the entire year is expected to hit over 1 Million Units (1,342,000) to be exact, marking a 161% increase versus 2023. This figure will eventually cross the 2 million barrier (2,350,000) units by 2025, an increase of 75% versus 2024.

As QD-OLED panels and the respective monitors become more common, we can expect the prices to fall to more reasonable levels so expect a lot of updates in the next few quarters.

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