Sparkle Expands Intel Arc GPU Family With New BTF, AIO, Hybrid, Hydro Designs As Battlemage Concepts, White Colored PCBs

Sparkle will be introducing Intel Arc GPUs in new BTF, AIO, Hybrid & Hydro designs along with new white-colored PCB models.

Sparkle’s Intel Arc GPU Family To See Loads of Innovative Designs Including First BTF Model, Most Concepts To Be Utilize By Next-Gen Battlemage Arc Graphics Cards

Sparkle has been one of the leading AIB partners of Intel and has offered loads of custom designs for the Arc GPU family. The company recently introduced its Luna lineup and also showed off some interesting liquid-cooled designs last year. The company followed the tradition of showcasing even more Intel Arc GPUs with fancy cooling solutions at Computex 2024.

One of the most interesting designs shown by Sparkle was the Intel Arc A770 BTF edition which comes with a specialized high-power interface on the PCB that plugs straight into the connector on the motherboard. This new design saves up the need for cable connectors, leading to neater cable management.

So far, ASUS is the only one who has the ecosystem of GPUs and motherboards within its BTF lineup of ROG, TUF, and PRIME series but it looks like Sparkle wants to follow this trend and is offering a showcase of its own BTF concept for when more motherboard makers utilize the new plug interface. The connector receives power from a plug on the backside of the motherboard and that’s usually either a single 16-pin or multiple 8-pin PCIe connectors.

Besides the new BTF design, Sparkle also showcased its Intel Arc A770 GPUs in three diverse liquid-cooled flavors which include an AIO design that comes with a 240mm radiator that leads to the main GPU which features a single-slot design. Then there’s the hybrid cooled model which packs both air and liquid cooling within a single enclosure. This card features a 2.5-slot design with dual 8-pin connectors and includes a copper base plate with an integrated pump and radiator.

Finally, there’s the Hydro water block solution which makes use of Bitspower design. All three designs are high-end for a GPU like the Intel Arc A770 but it’s still nice to see the sort of enthusiast-level innovations that Sparkle is doing for the Intel cards.

Image Source: Benchlife

Sparkle also has a new white PCB in the works that will be used by the high-end Intel Arc A770 GPUs. It will be way more expensive than the standard black PCBs but for those who want an all-white PC look, well Sparkle has that option in the works.

Image Source: Benchlife

Besides all of that, Sparkle also has a blower concept based around the same Arc A770 GPU which features a very lengthy design with a dual-slot layout. There’s no word on pricing and availability but we can expect the conceptual models to release a bit late but we were told that these designs are made for next-gen Arc Battlemage graphics cards which are expected to launch later this year.

News Source: Benchlife

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