Streacom’s SG10 PC Case Hits Retail Next Year For $1320 US, Up To 600W Cooling, 250W CPU & 350W GPU Support

Streacom has unveiled its SG10 passive-cooled PC case with up to 600W cooling power and is hitting retail next year for $1320 US.

Streacom’s SG10 PC Case Can Support Up To 600W TDP: $1320 US For Copper Variant With Support For Up To 13900K CPU & RTX 4080 GPU

We first got a look at the Streacom SG10 PC case during Computex 2023 where both aluminum and copper variants were displayed. The company had a prototype unit running an Intel i9-13900K and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 which was cooled by an evaporator+condenser combo.

So you might wonder what form of thermal dissipation this case employs since it can’t support any fan-based cooling. Well, Streacom has integrated a Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) system inside, and this is how the company has described the whole mechanism:

Unlike traditional heat pipes, where the phase change of the working fluid happens in opposing directions within the tube, the LHP phase change cycle happens in a continuous flow around the loop.

The core technology that makes this possible is the Evaporator; it features a patented solid-state (no moving parts) capillary pump that creates a pressurised vapour flow into the condenser, where it cools back into a liquid and then flows to the evaporator, where the cycle repeats. This pressurised flow makes the LHP many times more efficient at moving heat away from the source and allows for a greater working area for convection/radiation.

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Now for the internal cooling, the Streacom SG10 comes with the principle of ‘the case is the cooler’, since the design of the case is tuned in a way that every element of the cooling principles, starting from the heat dissipation to managing airflow, is controlled inside the case. With two condensers on each side, they are coupled up with a horizontally orientated heat sink, where a larger portion of it takes in fresh air, and supports the circulation, resulting in a much enhanced cooling performance.


To house the industry’s latest components, SG10 is divided into three zones: the GPU core, the DRAM, and the VRM. Since the company can’t make custom plate designs for each component, they have sort of taken a more easier route, that is making the cold plates adjustable so that users could adjust them depending upon what type of equipment they are mounting. However, the manufacturer does disclose that not every GPU will be compatible in the case and that they are adopting a “customer feedback and demand” approach, to make revisions.

Streacom's SG10 PC Case Hits Retail Next Year For $1320 US, Up To 600W Cooling, 250W CPU & 350W GPU Support 2

Moving on to the more interesting part, at least for me, which is the SG10’s “X-Frame Modular Bracket”, design to “adjust the X & Y position of the motherboard and GPU with complete freedom”. The brackets could positioned in a way that they can support two Mini-ITX motherboards in a single case, allowing users to even opt for the dual-PC route if they desire. Pretty interesting design, and it will surely be a delight for DIY enthusiasts out there, who are hunting for a flexible case.

Streacom says that the SG10 has its limit as well, and it is rated to support a combined TDP of 600W without using ANY fans, however, you could face an issue if you decided to slap on high-end components in it. That’s 250W for the CPU and 350W for the GPU which means that you can technically get a RTX 4090 to fit inside this case and with a slight undervolt, enjoy a passive-cooled PC setup with the fastest GPU on the planet.

But, if you are eager, Streacom has added an option to accommodate 120mm fans that attach directly to the rails, which could provide a 15%-20% increase in cooling performance. In simple terms, Streacom aims at creating a case that supports “flexibility” to its highest extent, which is why even the I/O panel is adjustable as well. The I/O panel features an illuminated glass power button, 2 x Type-A USB ports, and 1 x Type-C USB port, terminated with the 19PIN and Type-E connectors, respectively.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Streacom SG10’s Copper Edition PC case, which is currently available for pre-order to those who participated in the crowdfunding campaign, comes at a whopping 1200 EUR ($1320 US) price tag with an estimated shipping date of May 2024. The ordinary aluminum version (Black/Silver) is priced at 1000 EUR and shipping dates haven’t been estimated yet.

If you ask about my viewpoint, I believe what Streamcom SG10 has done here is something that hasn’t been seen in the industry yet, however, since Streacom isn’t that big in mainstream case markets, and the “modular cooling” concept could be confined to a particular audience, this does raise a question in my mind about the product’s sustainability. Not to mention that huge of a price tag, where a consumer would think twice before opting for one. But, full marks for the effort though.

News Source: Streacom

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