Super Flower’s Gargantuan Leadex Platinum 2800W PSU Can Run Four GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs At Once, Comes With Four 12V-2×6 Connectors

Super Flower revealed its brand new Leadex Platinum PSU with a power rating of 2800W and support for ATX 3.1 with PCIe 5.1 standards.

Super Flower’s Leadex Platinum 2800W PSU Is A Monster & Can Run A High-End Workstation All Alone

Super Flower is displaying its brand new Leadex Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU, a gargantuan monster that comes with a 2800W power rating out of the box. The PSU has been designed to meet the requirements of high-end workstation PCs that run multiple graphics cards and well there’s an actual need for that in the AI space.

Starting with the specifications, the Super Flower Leadex ATX 3.1 PSU is an 80 Plus Platinum certified design that comes with an ATX 3.1 & PCIe 5.1 ready design. The PSU is said to support top performance with stable output and has a full-on Japanese capacitor design which should ensure premium quality.

In terms of design, the Super Flower Leadex ATX 3.1 PSU comes in an E-ATX form factor with a massive fan grill that features a 140mm fan. The PSU houses several connectors include four 12V-2×6 plugs, nine 8-pin outputs, five 6-pin outputs, and a standard 24-pin ATX connector for the motherboard. The PSU is an engineering marvel and is designed to meet the demands of AI workstation PCs with support of up to four RTX 4090 GPUs.


Super Flower isn’t sharing the pricing on this monster but it is expected to be over $1000 US given its massive power rating and compliance with the new ATX 3.1 standards. One thing is for sure, if you are ever worried about your PSU not meeting power requirements, then Super Flower has the right solution for you with endless amounts of power for your high-end computing needs. Expect to hear more about the Super Flower Leadex Platinum ATX 3.1 PSU in the coming months when we get closer to its launch.

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