Supermicro (SMCI) Receives Huge NVIDIA Blackwell AI Server Orders, Amounting To 25% of Total Supply

Supermicro Computer, the underdog of AI computing, has received huge server rack orders based on NVIDIA’s Blackwell AI GPUs.

Supermicro Computer Looks To Compete With Foxconn & Others Through Advancements In Supply Chain, Accelerates NVIDIA Blackwell AI Server Orders

SMCI, or Supermicro Computer, was in the market headlines for quite some time during the AI hype. Not only did the firm show exceptional stock performance with a YoY increase of 182%, but it also managed to establish working relations with none other than NVIDIA, which brought it into the market spotlight. SMCI specializes in high-performance server and storage systems specifically designed for AI workloads and has seen a massive influx of orders within the past few quarters.

Now, the firm is looking to expand its business to the more advanced NVIDIA Blackwell AI GPU architecture, as reports suggest that Supermicro Computer has received an enormous order for Blackwell-focused AI server racks. Taiwan Economic Daily reports that SMCI is all set to ship a 25% supply of NVIDIA’s GB200-based Blackwell AI servers, with total units reaching the 10,000 mark. This time, it looks like Team Green has entrusted SMCI with more responsibility, which, if things go well, will ultimately translate into gigantic economic performance. Some of the systems include:

  • NVIDIA HGX B100 8-GPU and HGX B200 8-GPU systems
  • 5U/4U PCIe GPU system with up to 10 GPUs
  • SuperBlade with up to 20 B100 GPUs for 8U enclosures and up to 10 B100 GPUs in 6U enclosures
  • 2U Hyper with up to 3 B100 GPUs
  • Supermicro 2U x86 MGX systems with up to 4 B100 GPUs

To compete with behemoths such as Foxconn and Quanta, SMCI has decided to expand its supply chain aggressively by including firms such as Argosy Research and Auras Technology. Since the start of this year, the firm has already accumulated units of NVIDIA’s Blackwell GB200 AI GPU to ensure a smooth supply chain process, ultimately guaranteeing an edge over others. Moreover, Supermicro Computers has already invested in water-cooling essentials, which is said to be crucial for newer Blackwell AI servers. Following are some of the features of Supermicro’s server lineup:

  • The Supermicro’s NVIDIA HGX B200 8-GPU air-cooled and liquid-cooled systems are for the highest generative AI training performance. This system features 8 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs connected via fifth generation NVLink with a pool of 1.5TB high-bandwidth memory (up to 60TB/s) to speed up AI training workloads.
  • Supermicro’s best-selling AI Training System, the 4U/8U system with NVIDIA HGX H100/H200 8-GPU, will support NVIDIA’s upcoming HGX B100 8-GPU.
  • A Supermicro Rack-Level Solution featuring GB200 Superchip systems as server nodes with 2 Grace CPUs and 4 NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs per node. Supermicro’s direct-to-chip liquid-cooling maximizes density with 72 GB200 192GB GPUs (1200W TDP per GPU), all in a single 44U ORV3 rack.

With that, it seems like SMCI is looking to return with a more aggressive approach this time. Through close relationships with Team Green, we can’t see them not succeeding in the markets, given that they can maintain supply chain and product quality.

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