Teamgroup Unveils Latest Gen5 SSDs, Cooling Solutions For SSDs In Air, Liquid & Vapor Chamber Design, New Xtreem DDR5 & CAMM2 Memory

Teamgroup showed off a range of new hardware including Gen5 SSDs, Gen5 SSD coolers, and its latest DDR5 SO-DIMM & CAMM2 memory modules.

Teamgroup Shows Off Fast Xtreem DDR5 Memory Kits & New Memory Cooler, CAMM2 Modules, Gen5 SSDs & Their Cooling Solutions

First up, we have the new DDR5 memory kits in which Teamgroup is expanding its T-Force Xtreem lineup with new color options such as White and Pink with blistering fast speeds of up to DDR5-8200 & the company is also working on adding DDR5-9000 modules to its lineup soon.

In addition to the SO-DIMM DDR5 modules, T-Force will also offer a new memory cooler known as the DAKR AirFlow D5 with two fans and a fully adjustable stand that you can set up inside your PC for dedicated cooling for your memory.

Teamgroup will also be joining the CAMM2 segment with new options included in its T-Create family called the Expert Ai series which comes with LPDDR5 modules and speeds of up to 6400 MT/s for now. The modules will come in 16 GB and 32 GB capacity and have dimensions of 34(L) x 78(H) x 2.5(W) mm. The modules will be available in Q3 2024 and will support all the latest CAMM2 platforms, whether laptops or PC motherboards. All CAMM2 modules will come with a Graphene thermal pad attached to them.

Moving over to the SSD lineup, Teamgroup T-Force will offer its latest Gen5 SSD solutions in three segments, the entry-level GA PRO which is rated at 10 GB/s, the mid-tier GC PRO with speeds of up to 12 GB/s, and the higher-end GE PRO with speeds of up to 14 GB/s. These modules will feature distinct colors with the GA PRO series getting a light red hue, the GC PRO going with a light pink hue, and the GE PRO series going for a golden hue over the graphene heatpad. T-Force will still offer its mainstream Z5 lineup in the Z540 12.4 GB/s and Z540 LITE 10 GB/s flavors.

For its entire Gen5 SSD portfolio, Teamgroup is launching a dedicated lineup of T-Force coolers that range from passive heatsinks to air coolers, liquid coolers, and even vapor chamber designs. All of these cooling solutions will fall under the DARK series.



Coming to the details, the DARK WF01 is an AIO liquid cooler design that has a micro water pump integrated within the heatsink and comes with a blower fan that pushes hot air out of the chassis. It’s a unique design that’s set to offer some very low temperatures on the fastest Gen5 drives.

There’s also the new AF04 and AF05 which get a 3D Vapor Chamber for increased thermal efficiency while the AF03 sticks with the more streamlined active-heatsink layout. Finally, there’s the AF06 which comes with a magnetic stacked structure that allows you to stack the heatsink on top of the heatsink and has an active fan for great cooling performance.

Besides these, T-Force also has its new 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler for Gen5 SSDs which adopts its latest 120m fan design and has extra long tubing to make it compatible with all PC setups. The company also has newer liquid coolers with its RT-A120/A140 fans which adopt a PWM fan design.

Last but not least, the company showcased its brand new T-Force M400 USB4.0 portable SSD which features a USB 4.0 Type-C connector and implements the latest 3D NAND flash with read and write speeds of up to 3700/3400 MB/s, respectively. The external SSD enclosure will come in 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB flavors.

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