This Mini PC Supports Socketed LGA 1700 Desktop CPUs & Discrete GPUs From AMD, NVIDIA & Intel

Chinese Mini PC manufacturer, FEVM, has launched its socketed design that features the LGA 1700 socket and supports discrete GPUs in a compact form factor.

The FN06 Mini PC Takes inspiration from Apple’s Mac Studio But Comes With Socketed LGA 1700 Intel CPU Support & Discrete Graphics

The FN06GMini PC  by FEVM boasts a pretty similar design, to what we have seen with Apple’s Mac Studio. It doesn’t align with the common design language in the Mini-PC industry, rather it features a bulkier design due to the cooling mechanism it has integrated into it. The FN06G comes with a 2.5-liter chassis, along with a grey aluminum body. To accommodate desktop-level CPUs up to 100W, the system comes with a total of eight heatpipes, distributed equally to cool down both the CPU and the GPU part. There are two fans within the chassis that blow hot air out of the system.

The manufacturer hasn’t disclosed the CPU configuration however, the company has specified that the mini-PC will feature LGA 1700 socket CPUs, which means that we can expect support for 12th Gen and above chips. The pre-configured specifications include options to choose either from the Core i5-12400F/Core i7-12700F or the Core i5-13400F/Core i7-13700F. You will mostly be fine using 65W Non-K chips but don’t expect them to hit their maximum turbo power ratings since most can draw power above 100W.

However, there are wider options when it comes to choosing your onboard discrete GPUs, & the manufacturer has provided a blend of AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel options. The FN06 Mini-PC can be bought in four different discrete mobile GPUs, which include NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 8 GB, AMD’s RX 6600M 8 GB, Intel’s Arc A380 6 GB, & the baseline variant with an AMD Radeon RX 550 8 GB GPU.

The extensive list of GPU options is surely a good move by the manufacturer, mainly because they allow consumers to choose the onboard GPU depending upon what they intend to do. The NVIDIA RTX 4060, Arc A380, and RX 6600M are the most modern option that offers support for the latest features while the RX 550 is an entry-level chip.

The prices of each configuration are listed below:

Being a Chinese manufacturer, the FN06 PC is going to be limited to the Chinese market only though that might change in the future as we have seen other Mini PC makers also ship some products to global markets.

News Source: ITHome

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