V-Color Speeds Up AMD’s Threadripper 7000 CPUs With Overclockable DDR5 R-DIMM Memory, Up To 7200 MT/s

V-Color has launched its brand new overclockable DDR5 R-DIMM memory kits offering up to 7200 MT/s speeds for AMD Threadripper 7000.

V-Color DDR5 R-DIMM Memory Kits Launched: 7200 MT/s Speeds, 128 GB Capacities, Overclockable

Press Release: V-Color Technology Inc., Announces the launch of their DDR5 overclocking R-DIMM tailored for the new TRX50 Motherboards powered by AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series processors. Available in capacities ranging from 64GB (16GBx4) to 128GB (32GBx4) and speeds up to 7200MHz.

The V-color DDR5 OC R-DIMM memory is primed to unleash its full potential with EXPO-ready technology, designed for a diverse user base encompassing both non-overclocking users and enthusiasts who engage in overclocking, with a specific focus on content creators, intensive 3D modelers, and AI programmers.

Perfect Harmony with TRX50 Series

Designed with meticulous precision, offering uncompromised compatibility and enhanced performance, ensuring seamless integration with AMD TRX50 Motherboards, including the ASUS Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI, Gigabyte TRX50 AERO D, and Asrock TRX50 WS.

  • V-color Launches overclocking DDR5 R-DIMM optimized for TRX50 AMD Motherboards
  • Available in capacities ranging from 64GB (16GBx4) to 128GB (32GBx4) and speeds up to 7200MHz
  • Ready for overclocking with AMD EXPO Ready Technology
  • Designed with precision for TRX50 AMD Threadripper 7000 Series
  • Available at the end of November on V-color’s official website, followed by distribution partners worldwide


V-color DDR5 Overclocking R-DIMM memory kits for AMD TRX50 Motherboards & Threadripper 7000 CPU platform is set to be released at the end of November. It will be available on the V-color official website initially and later from distribution partners worldwide.

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