VESA DisplayPort 2.1a Standard Official, Boosted Quality, Refresh Rates, Lenghtier Cables, Aiming Next-Gen GPUs & Displays

VESA has unveiled its DisplayPort 2.1a standard which will be entering the market later this year with new displays & next-gen GPUs.

VESA DisplayPort 2.1a Provides Enhanced Display Connection, Boosting Quality & Refresh Rates – Aims Next-Gen Displays & GPUs

[Press Release]: The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) today announced that it has published the latest update to DisplayPort, version 2.1a. This update replaces the VESA-certified DP40 ultra-high-bit-rate (UHBR) cable specification with a new VESA-certified DP54 UHBR cable spec to enable up to four-lane UHBR13.5 link rate support (a maximum throughput of 54 Gbps) over a two-meter passive cable.

As a result, the DisplayPort 2.1a update effectively doubles the passive cable length for UHBR13.5 GPU-to-display connections—which previously could only be supported through a DP80 UHBR cable—providing consumers with greater flexibility in their gaming or workstation setup. With the DisplayPort 2.1a update, the new DP54 cable specification enables support of both UHBR10 and UHBR13.5 sink and source devices with passive cable lengths of up to two meters. Monitors enabled with UHBR13.5 can drive resolution/refresh rate combinations as high as 8K2K at 240Hz or 8K4K at 120Hz over four lanes.

With the latest update to DisplayPort, the UHBR13.5 cable spec is now purpose built to provide both UHBR10 and UHBR13.5 monitors and graphics cards with a longer passive cable. Consumers are no longer limited to connecting UHBR13.5 sink and source devices with a one-meter DP80 cable, which provides more bandwidth support than what their hardware needs and, in some cases, might be too short for their set-up, for example with ultra-wide curved displays.

– James Choate, compliance program manager for VESA

While VESA is eliminating the DP40 cable spec, existing DP40 cables that have been shipped to date have been confirmed by VESA through rigorous testing to be compliant with the DP54 cable spec and support UHBR13.5 link rates. Sink and source devices supporting UHBR20 link rates (a maximum throughput of 80 Gbps using all four lanes) continue to be supported by VESA-certified DP80 UHBR cables.

News Source: VESA

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