Watch The AMD “Advancing AI” Livestream Here – Instinct MI300 Unveil & More

AMD is hosting its “Advancing AI” event in less than 24 hours where the company will unveil its latest and greatest in the AI segment while launching its brand new Instinct MI300 accelerators.

AMD Is Advancing AI With Its Next-Gen Instinct MI300 Accelerators & More, Watch It All In The Livestream Here!

The AMD “Advancing AI” event is scheduled for the 6th of December at 10 AM (PST) which means we are less than 24 hours away from the livestream to begin. The event will entirely focus on the red team’s AI developments and how they will be evolving the company in the coming years with new products and a reenvisioned ecosystem that revolves not just around hardware but software too.

At the event, AMD will be officially launching its next-gen Instinct MI300 accelerators which come in a diverse range of options from the GPU-Only MI300X to the MI300A APU which packs the new CDNA 3 GPU architecture and Zen 4 CPU architecture. These are but just a few announcements that AMD will be making at the event. You don’t do a major live-streamed event for just two new products, instead, we are going to hear about what’s coming next too.

The company has also invested in a range of consumer-centric technologies to power the AI revolution such as Ryzen AI which offers an integrated hardware accelerator for ML & neural processing tasks. The company is also working on expanding its ROCm suite to be more robust when it comes to supporting different LLMs and AI workloads.

It is important to note that “Advancing AI” would be a more AI-focused event, and one shouldn’t expect any sort of mainstream consumer product unveiling, at least until CES 2024. However, we can expect some consumer applications of AI to be announced during the event along with the data center industry since AMD plans on ramping up the accelerator when it comes to competing in the AI race.


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