XPG NIA Handheld Gets AMD Ryzen 7040 Now & Ryzen AI 300 Later, Upgradable CAMM2 Memory Up To 64 GB

XPG showcased its upcoming NIA handheld gaming console which will feature AMD Ryzen 7040 APUs with upgradable CAMM2 memory.

XPG NIA Is An AMD-Powered Handheld With Ryzen 7040 APU & Upgradable CAMM2 Memory But Will Be Upgraded To Ryzen AI 300 Later This Year

The XPG NIA is another product in the expanding handheld gaming console market. This new console comes with the AMD Ryzen 7040 “Phoenix” APUs which offer up to 8 cores, 16 threads & up to 12 RDNA 3 compute units. While Phoenix isn’t particularly new, the reason XPG specifically went for an AMD APU is the fact that it has much better tuning and optimizations on the driver & software side thanks to the current generation of consoles also shipping with similar hardware specs.

XPG did state that they will continue to work on expanding the NIA handheld in the future with a more advanced version featuring the new Ryzen AI 300 series chips. Besides the integrated APU, one big design feature is the use of the CAMM2 memory. The handheld leverages the LPCAMM2 modules based on LPDDR5X which can reach up to 8533 MT/s and you can also upgrade it up to 64 GB capacities which is very awesome for a console of this form factor.

In addition to that, the XPG NIA handheld also comes with the ADATA S55 SSD solution which can get you up to 2 TB of storage space. There’s also a front-facing camera with eye tracking and the whole design aims to be super ergonomic with tailor-made joysticks, buttons, and triggers that feel great in your hands. The 7″ screen also features a tilt design allowing good viewing angles for the gaming community.


As for the chassis, the XPG NIA handheld has a black and purple layout with the backside featuring four trigger buttons and there are several vents on the backside to blow hot air out. The handheld will also feature vents underneath the screen so you can expect lower temperatures when running the device in tilted mode. The volume and power buttons are located on the top of the device and it uses a 100W USB Type-C port to charge.

XPG hasn’t finalized the pricing or availability date yet but the NIA is expected to come in at around $600 US which is similar to other Ryzen 7040 & Z1-powered handhelds on the market right now.

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