XPG Prototypes Hybrid Air & Liquid Cooler With Up To 280W Cooling For Intel & AMD CPUs

XPG has showcased a new prototype hybrid CPU cooler that combines air and liquid cooling in a singular package, offering up to 280W cooling.

XPG’s New Cooler Combines Air & Liquid Cooling In A Traditional-Looking CPU Heatsink With 280W Cooling

According to XPG, the upcoming hybrid design is a patented dual-fan CPU cooler with lots of stuff going on within a single package. Do note that this product is far from its final retail looks and has been mentioned as an early prototype so the final design can change drastically. But let’s start with the details.

First up, the hybrid CPU cooler looks like your standard heatsink with a tower design but internally, it is much more. XPG states that this whole unit houses an integrated pump, loop, and radiator for reduced temperatures versus a standard design. The CPU cooler has a single-tower heatsink and a 120mm radiator etched next to it. The heatsink tower itself has multiple heatpipes running through it which dissipate heat from the CPU via a copper block.

The block itself is designed to support the highest-end of Intel and AMD CPUs with the company mentioning both Xeon and Threadripper chips but mainstream chips such as the Core and Ryzen family are also well supported by this cooler. Now for the cooling bit, there are two 120mm VENTO PRO PWM fans cooling this unit and both are designed by Nidec so you can expect some very good airflow from this beast.

Now to answer the question of why this cooler is needed, XPG states that their hybrid design is not only smaller but is also lighter than an AIO and the dual air/liquid mechanism enables it to be more efficient than a normal air cooler. Plus, the company is also offering RGB support with all renowned software ecosystems. There’s no word on pricing and availability but this Frankenstein of a cooler is a very unique product & we can’t wait to see how it performs in actual use-cases when launches.

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