XPG’s Latest AIO Coolers Supposedly Support Intel Meteor Lake CPUs, Up To 300W Cooling

XPG seems to have listed support for Intel’s Meteor Lake desktop CPUs with its upcoming AIO lineup, featuring up to 300W cooling.

Intel Meteor Lake CPUs Aren’t Coming To Desktop PCs But XPG Says Its AIO Coolers Are Ready With Up To 300W Cooling

During CES 2024, ADATA’s gaming division, XPG, showcased a wide range of cooling products including a hybrid air and liquid design with up to 280W cooling capacity. There were also the LEVANTE series AIO coolers which were showcased with a high-performance 360mm design & support for up to 300W cooling capacities were also listed with a surprise.

According to XPG, the LEVANTE II and LEVANTE PRO liquid coolers not only support the latest AMD and Intel sockets, but they have also listed support for Meteor Lake CPUs. Considering that these AIOs are designed for desktop PCs, XPG’s listing would imply that Meteor Lake CPUs are coming to the desktop segment.

Image Source: Albert Thomas

Now this might get some excitement rolling down in the comments section but I should point out that Intel has previously mentioned that Meteor Lake CPUs won’t be coming to socketed platforms and will only be available in BGA form factor on Mini PCs and handheld/notebook designs. So it may seem like that XPG left a typo there or maybe they know something that we don’t? In either case, let us take a recap of what happened with Meteor Lake-S Desktop CPUs.

In fact, there was a time when Meteor Lake-S Desktop CPUs were indeed a plan and we were going to get those on the new LGA 1851 socket platforms. That’s why certain MTL-S samples appeared a few months ago and based on previous reports, the Meteor Lake-S lineup was going to feature just 6 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores which would’ve positioned them in the Core i5 / Core i7 segment while the Core i9 segment would have received 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S CPUs till Arrow Lake-S arrived in 2H 2024.

Image Source: Albert Thomas

Those plans were dropped after Meteor Lake-S failed to deliver substantial improvement on the desktop platform against existing Core i5 / Core i7 SKUs since the latter offered much higher clocks and the IPC on Meteor Lake chips wasn’t enough to match those at lower clocks. So for now, Intel Meteor Lake CPUs only exist in the mobility segment and the next chapter on desktops begins with the Arrow Lake-S lineup.

News Sources: Credits To Albert Thomas, Cooling Reviewer (u/bizude), X (Formerly Twitter)

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